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 Little Deep Miss Strange

Released on 31 May 2024 at the label Floating World Records, based in London.
Available as stream and as vinyl. We recorded the eight tracks of our debut album in summer 23 at the Hansahausstudio Bonn by Klaus Genuit. If you would like to have a vinyl, write us!


…Gilda Razani also plays the theremin in the ‚classical‘ sense, but one often thinks of electric guitar sounds that one would not expect from this instrument. Yet she is an incredible virtuoso on this instrument. The theremin is often only known as background music, but in Gilda Razani’s hands the instrument is awakened from its slumber. She shows that there is much more to the instrument and does so with a naturalness that is fascinating. Little Deep Miss Strange is a great album that we wish many listeners. Gilda Razani and Hanzō Wanning are also more than convincing under their new band name Honey Bizarre. Excellent from front to back and therefore highly recommended! 

…The duo draws on a colourful array of instruments and live equipment, served by outstanding improvisation skills and a fine feel for „music for dancing and dreaming“.

…If musical comparisons had to be made, then bands such as TANGERINE DREAM or PINK FLOYD would be suitable references. Because like these two heavyweights, HONEY BIZARRE also know how to create a variety of moods with supposedly calm music.

… The duo delivers sounds that you can dance to with your eyes closed in the strobe light, or alternatively meditate to. It’s psychedelic, mystical, tinkling, a little eerie or even relaxing and beautiful.

…the music unfolds a hypnotic, even psychedelic effect, carries you into another orbit. Neither Pink Floyd nor Genesis have managed that!

Ragmag Music Online Magazine Las Vegas/ USA
 …This is clearly made by people who have a pure love for their craft and sit at it until it becomes something almost fantastic, which these songs are. The musicianship here is perfect and the ear for mixing textures to create sounds that are so massive and expansive and turn into a melody and something with drive behind it is absolutely incredible. That’s part of the place you get drawn into when you listen to the album. They get experimental, they get fun, and it’s thought-provoking music, which I enjoy. I give this album a 9 out of 10, which is quite a rarity. Beautiful from start to finish, and the fascination remains. I want more! 

Little Deep Miss Strange

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