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Honey Bizarre


We dance for laughter, we dance for tears,
we dance for madness, we dance for fears,
we dance for hopes, we dance for screams,
we are the dancers, we create the dreams.

Honey Bizarre is made up of key god Hanzō Wanning and the rebellious theremin player Gilda Razani – flying through the universe in their spaceship, longing for freedom and improvisation, and always in search of new adventures and unusual sounds that make the world dance and dream.

Fantastic visuals by Mario Simon take us on this progressive, almost psychedelic excursion from everyday life.

LITTLE DEEP MISS STRANGE, the complete album will be released in spring 2024 on Floating World Records/London.

LITTLE DEEP MISS STRANGE, released in September 2023 by Floating Worlds Records/ London
LAGRANGE GAME, released in September 2023 by Floating World Records/ London
AMARYLLIS, released in January 2024 by RosenundPralinen Records
DESERT ROSE, released in February 2024 by RosenundPralinen Records

Gilda Razani is one of the few professional theremin players. With dance-like grace, the native Iranian forms the invisible electronic field between the two antennas of the etherwave instrument. She likes to play the electronic instrument classically, but also uses electronic effects to create contemporary sounds, which are similar based to an electric guitar sound of her inspiration Jimi Hendrix. She also plays electronic instruments such as The Pipe by Somasynths.

Hanzō Wanning enjoys composing, producing and improvising a wide stylistic spectrum of modern music, using piano, synthesizers and a variety of electronic devices in his own unique way.

Together they have produced several albums for their bands Sub.vison and About Aphrodite, composed film music and radio plays for the West German Broadcasting Cologne. They also founded the sound branding agency Honeysounds, through which they compose and produce unique compositions for people and companies brands.

Most of all, Gilda and Hanzō love performing their music all over the world, at festivals, in concert halls, in the theatre or at art exhibitions, at events, in department stores, in the mountains, on the road and on many tours.


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