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Review Little Deep Miss Strange  O-Ton 
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In 2020, O-Ton reported on the album Future Memories by About Aphrodite, i.e. Gilda Razani and Hanzö Wanning. Now they are calling themselves Honey Bizarre and are releasing a new album on 31 May. Again with fantastic sounds that invite you to take a walk in other galaxies. Great.
Michael Zerban


Review Little Deep Miss Strange by Musicreviews
Flutes and electronic sounds, plus a name that suggests something to do with honey… HONEY BIZARRE are indeed unique. Ambient sounds meet oriental sounds. So it’s hardly surprising that an instrument like the theremin plays an important role on „Little Deep Miss Strange“.
The music is often introverted and feels like an intimate journey into a dream world that takes shape somewhere between waking and sleeping. In a way, this music evokes feelings of relaxation, of thoughtful introspection, as well as images of a lucid dream.
For just as with lucid dreaming, the immediate state is tantamount to paralysis. In the case of this album, however, this (supposed) physical rigidity is counteracted by an omnipresent lightness, even a very abstract character.
As a result, tracks such as „Laylas Life“ suggest both jittery images of starry journeys, nocturnal walks through forests and across meadows, as well as the heartfelt desire to achieve self-realisation of one’s own accord. 
If musical comparisons had to be made, then bands such as TANGERINE DREAM or PINK FLOYD would be suitable references. Because like these two heavyweights, HONEY BIZARRE also know how to create a variety of moods with supposedly calm music.
„La Superba“, for example, is a supposedly calm piece that flits between ambient and piano tones, conjuring up images of a warm spring morning. Nature seems to blossom and sprout before the mind’s eye and the spirits of life inspire people, animals and plants with new energy after the cold months of winter. This striving for light, development and freedom is a strong driving force for art per se, which makes HONEY BIZARRE’s „Little Deep Miss Strange“ not only musically interesting, but also emotionally profound and uplifting.
CONCLUSION: HONEY BIZARRE’s „Little Deep Miss Strange“ doesn’t sound as eccentric as the title might initially suggest. Of course, the improvised approach of those involved is free-spirited and unique, but their music always sounds comprehensible and becomes more and more captivating over time. At the same time, this album is imbued with a positive attitude towards life that is tangible and valuable at all times. Ambient fans and lovers of improvised but hardly cerebral music should find what they are looking for here.
Dominik Meier


Fazemag Interview
„Keyboard god“ Hanzō Wanning and the gifted theremin player Gilda Razani – one of the few professional theremin players in the world – together form the Honey Bizarre project. The duo draws on a colourful array of instruments and live equipment, served by outstanding improvisation skills and a fine feel for „music for dancing and dreaming“. After several singles such as „Amaryllis“, „Desert Rose“ and „Cuyolita“, Hone Bizarre are now releasing their long-awaited debut album „Little Deep Miss Strange“ via Floating World Records. We spoke to the two protagonists.

Hello you two. Perhaps you would like to start by telling us a bit about the Honey Bizarre project. How did you get together and what does the name mean?

We’ve played together before in the band About Aphrodite and run the sound branding agency Honeysounds together. During the coronavirus lockdown, we composed and jammed a lot in the studio. This resulted in tracks that were more electronic and groove-orientated than earlier ones, but on the other hand often had an ambient character. As a consequence of this situation, we then founded Honey Bizarre. Honey Bizarre means strange sweetness. We were looking for a name with a contradictory meaning, just as our music is for dancing and dreaming.

Gilda, you are one of the few theremin players in the world. What fascinates you in particular about this instrument and how and when did you first come into contact with it?

I actually studied saxophone, but then I dreamed of playing the theremin – in the truest sense of the word – and then put it into practice. I love the feeling of moulding tones or sounds with my hands and find the instrument sensual. I love playing classical pieces, but I also enjoy using my effects in search of cool sounds and noises.

Hanzō, tell us something about your career. The name „Keyboard God“ – as it is written in many places – must have originated somewhere.

So of course there’s a bit of irony involved. I actually studied jazz piano and classical composition in Hilversum in the Netherlands. Even back then, I loved building the biggest possible keyboard castle around me, as I learnt from my idol at the time, Joe Zawinul. Four keyboard players lived under one roof in our flat share at the time. We threw all our equipment together, built it into a castle and organised extensive synth sessions. That’s actually where the name came from.

It’s not easy to put music into words. It would probably be best if you could describe the sound of Honey Bizarre yourselves so that our readers can get an idea. 

We have this phrase: „Music for Dancing and Dreaming“. We think both are great. Whilst our album contains both, the three singles we have released so far this year are clearly in the dance/trance sector. Our sound is unique. Gilda plays the theremin (often used with lots of distortion pedals) as well as the Somasynth pipe and the Kaoss pad. She also plays samples and influences the overall sound via a midifighter. Hanzō plays piano and synths, controls Ableton and/or the Octatrack and edits the music with various midi controllers. We play as much as possible ourselves and don’t just let it happen. Our pieces are the result of improvisation, e.g. the piece „Lotus Psychodellic“.

How can we imagine your work in the studio? Can you describe a few processes for us? What are the essential devices you use in your work – apart from the theremin, of course. 

First we either already have a basic idea or we improvise with a certain electronic „ink box“ and then see what comes out of it. Then we work out the sections that are important to us and refine them. Gilda uses her live equipment (Theremin by Moog, The Pipe by Somasynth, Kaoss Pad, Lyra 8 by Somasynth and the Aerophone by Roland) and Hanzō draws on his many synthesisers such as the Iridium by Waldorf, the Evolver by Dave Smith and many others, as well as his Steinway grand piano.

Tell us something about your first album „Little Deep Miss Strange“. What can we expect here and how did the collaboration with the London label Floating World Records come about?

As mentioned above, „Little Deep Miss Strange“ was created during the Corona period. At some point, we listened through a few hours of session material and tried to find a core with which we could then develop the track further. Sometimes such a core was just a small motif within a 30-minute session, but sometimes we took half the track completely from improvisation. „Little Deep Miss Strange“ is a first selection of pieces from this time. There may well be two more to follow, but the material is stylistically very different and we need to find or develop a common thread. A few years ago we were on a small festival tour in Russia with „About Aphrodite“. We were travelling with two other bands who also played at the festivals. We became friends with the English bass player of one of the bands and he then put us in touch with Jonathan, the boss of Floating World Records. He liked our stuff and we released the two „About Aphrodite“ albums „Polaris“ and „Future Memories“ on his label.

What’s next for you after the album release? Are there any new projects waiting in the wings? Where can you be seen live?

We have a few gigs in NRW and Hamburg around the releases. The label is also planning concerts in the UK. We are currently planning a techno opera together with visual artist Mario Simon and are producing the music for a WDR radio play. In the future we see ourselves in the electronic club scene on the one hand, but on the other hand we will continue to play purely concertante electronic music with our instruments.

„Little Deep Miss Strange“ was released on 31 May via Floating World Records
Milan Trame


musikansich review Little Deep Miss Strange
Gilda Razani and Hanzō Wanning, the brains behind Honey Bizarre, are no strangers to Musikansich. I have already had the honour of reviewing their music under the band name (including Nashira, 2012) and, above all, About Aphrodite (including Future Memories, 2020 and Membran Music – Polaris, 2018). With Little Deep Miss Strange, they have now released a new album, albeit under a new band name. I don’t know why they changed their name, because musically the project is actually a – more than successful – continuation of the About Aphrodite albums. Honey Bizarre embark on a journey into a kind of dream world, which they create and improvise with unusual instruments. Hanzō Wanning is a terrific pianist who also works a lot with electronic sounds. Gilda Razani is one of the few theremin players in the world who performs on stage with this instrument. She also plays ‚The Pipe‘ by Soma, an electronic wind transducer that can be used to create different sounds with voice and breath. Anyone who thinks that the instrumentation might make the music sound a little artificial will be disabused. The pair succeed marvellously in weaving the finest melodies over a lot of groove and elegant piano and synthesizer sounds. The music actually seems less electronic than it really is. Gilda Razani also plays the theremin in the ‚classical‘ sense, but one often thinks of electric guitar sounds that one would not expect from this instrument. Yet she is an incredible virtuoso on this instrument. The theremin is often only known as background music, but in Gilda Razani’s hands the instrument is awakened from its slumber. She shows that there is much more to the instrument and does so with a naturalness that is fascinating. On two tracks („Lost Ark Flower Salad“ and „Laylas Life“), drummer Jaime Moraga Vasquez, who also played on the last About Aphrodite album, is back on board. A perfect addition. Little Deep Miss Strange is a great album that we wish many listeners. Gilda Razani and Hanzō Wanning are also more than convincing under their new band name Honey Bizarre. Excellent from front to back and therefore highly recommended! 
Ingo Andruschkewitsch


Review online magazine Coolibri- Little Deep Miss Strange
Sometimes you need a certain pull. That everything around you melts away. Honey Bizarre from Bochum show on their one-hour trip called „Little Deep Miss Strange“ that you can almost completely dispense with the human voice to create electronic dream worlds. The duo, consisting of Iranian-born Gilda Razani and composer Hanzō Wanning, deliver sounds that you can dance to with your eyes closed in the strobe light, or alternatively meditate to. It’s psychedelic, mystical, jangling, a little eerie or even relaxing and beautiful. Many people already know the two from their bands and About Aphrodite or their work for WDR Cologne. A slightly spiritual sound journey away from the mainstream.
Christopher Filipecki


Now the time has finally come! We are proud to release our album Little Deep Miss Strange on May 29th, 2024 on the cool label Floating World Records, based in London. The album will be available on vinyl and on DSPs by then.


Out now, new single Cuyolita!


Nice review!
Was that jazz? Was that techno? Nvm, it was pretty awesome! Honey Bizarre have taken the Gdanska to a new dimension with their electronic music. Great class from this performance. More of this !!!


Out now, new Single Desert Rose!


Out now, new Single Amaryllis !


Thank you for the profile Regionalverband Ruhr.


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Thank you for the nice review Ragmag Magazine.
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We are proud of our new videos for our single release of the two tracks Little Deep Miss Strange and LaGrange Game. They are made by Mario Simon.


Happy to announce the EP of the two tracks Little Deep Miss Strange and Lagrange Game. Release date on DSPs will be 29th September 2023.


We produced the music for the West German Broadcasting Cologne for a two-part children’s radio play Florentine Blix -Tatort der Kuscheltiere, written by Alice Pantermüller.
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Full of anticipation for our first album Little Deep Miss Strange, which will be released by Floating World Records/ London in March 2024.

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